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Looking for the title of a comic book I once read. 
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The comic was either Dutch (I am Dutch myself), English or French and was either in Dutch or English, but I'm gearing towards Dutch translated or in the native Dutch language.

The main character was a ten year old girl (or perhaps six) that I can only describe as wearing Victorian gothic lolita clothes and always carrying a teddybear.
She was a skinny girl with black hair and lived without parents in a gigantic castle.
I read the comic in the mid-1990's (1998?) and I remember it looking at the year it was made 199X. I'm guessing the comic was from the early 1990's.
The style was... gothic and dark. It reminded me of the D&D cartoon and French scifi comics, because of the castle the main character lived in.
The castle was huge and extremely tall. The first page was simply a showoff of the sheer size of it all, accompanied with a narrattive to explain how this castle was magical.
The castle was centuries old and alive. And the castle kept on growing, even the rooms were growing. It was already so large that you could get lost and die in there, so some rooms hadn't been visited by anyone in decades.

The album consisted of two stories in which the first, I could be completely wrong about this, but I think the main character was actually another ten year old girl who came to visit the girl of the castle, but she didn't feature in the second story or only very briefly.
The other ten year old girl was perhaps blonde, blue eyes with an angelic face. A contrast to the touchy spoiled gothic girl.
The gothic girl had Victorian personnel, at the very least a butler of some sort, but probably maids too.
Together with an adult, perhaps the gothic girl's butler, they go on a journey to the castle's basement that had turned into a megahall.
They do so, because the room ceilings were leaking and the basement had flooded and... perhaps they needed to drain the water?
In any case they jump into a boat to navigate between the arches and pillars of the basement. That's all I remember of the first story.

In the second story the gothic girl gets a visit from probably her guardian who wants to take back ownership of the castle from the little girl.
After a discussion in the living room on the sofa, the man stands up, think everything has been discussed, makes a bad remark to the girl while his back is turned,
perhaps mocking her for being a little girl to think she could own the castle and she grabs a knife and stabs him in the back multiple times and throws his dead body into the fireplace.
The story ends with her sitting with a sad face, perhaps even tears, but then she grins.

26 Nov 2017, 14:38
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I've no idea about this at all, which probably means it wasn't British. I'd love to see it though - it sounds absolutely fascinating (with possible shades of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast novels).

26 Nov 2017, 15:09

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folatt wrote:
I'm guessing the comic was from the early 1990's.
If it is from a DCT comic for girls between nine and thirteen, there were only four still standing during that period, Bunty, Judy, Mandy, and M&J. I don't recognize the plot described but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't in one of them. It could, of course, have appeared in a comic for older girls such as Jackie, Blue Jeans, Cherie or Patches. At a pinch, it could even have been one of the company's Picture Story Libraries, from Bunty, Judy, Mandy or Debbie, although offhand I can't remember if they were still being produced at that time. Good luck with your search.

26 Nov 2017, 19:56

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I found it!

Mister Balck by Griffo - Defaux

I have badly remembered it.
The girl didn't even have black hair and the comic is pure Franco-Belgian.
The one country I thought I could skip, thinking I would have remembered that. ... INT_PR.jpg

27 Nov 2017, 08:39
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