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Humour in Commando Comics 
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With the publishing of the recent Hardest Commando tales,I was wondering if anyone had a favourite humourous Commando tale.

Spoiler alert-

I recently read Lucky Larrigan and a subplot of a group of disinterested Italians trying to surrender-really lifted the tale.

Spoiler over.

This and the sometimes surprisingly cute animal tales were IMHO part of the variety that has kept Commando going.

I maybe wrong and you are all going to tell me that they had no place in a war book,but I have put it on the internet and it is now a fact :lol:


26 Nov 2006, 09:13

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I manage to write on average one Commando story a week. In fact, the one I'm working on now has a humourous slant. When I sent the idea to George Low he suggested I do it as a comedy. So there you are. The last I did with a funny slant was the WW1 Tinker, Tailor, theme - I forget the title. Another one was "Dreams of Glory." I've also dabbled in the supernatural with "Chamber of Evil," "Phantom Foe" and "Haunted by Evil," although that ghost turned out to be real. Finally, I try to cover as many occupations as I can. Hence "The Bin Brigade," written for those brave souls who remove our rubbish every week, (it was cheaper than giving them a tip!)

26 Nov 2006, 19:27
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Corporal Clott wrote:
..."Chamber of Evil,"...

Got that one and enjoyed it thoroughly!

But back on-topic, two of my favourites were Wagger's War and A Tank Called Tessie. Both had humour and war but still were cracking reads! Haven't seen that many recently that had a smidgeon of humour, although His Worship Went To War does spring to mind, but will now have to look out for The Bin Brigade

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26 Nov 2006, 19:47
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I liked the bit in "Buzz Bomb Brady", something along the lines of "He was gently reminded it wasn't polite to shoot down your own squadron leader"

05 Oct 2007, 19:04
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this was enjoyable tall-tale yarn Tin-can Trouble with Harry Bates......
liked how he got out of the prison........also the Beano reference....was it really called flickers in those days?

wished I had caught the other 2 stories..Harry's War..........The long way home...

Peter Gray's comics blog

05 Dec 2007, 12:17
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I liked the recent one about the "robot lancaster", and the squadron who always manage to somehow smash up the local policeman's car. In one bit he's just got new one and steps outside to drive it when above a robot lancaster smashes into a Nazi plane and one of the huge engines (they don't even fit in a Rover SD1 engine bay, i've seen somebody try!) lands on it XD. Also at the end they drop a bomb on a cliff and it doesnt go off, so they tie the robot pilot to a rope and drag it behind to knock the bomb off

05 Dec 2007, 13:23
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