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I am doing a college project on Ealge titles and am finding it impossible to gather any info, literally 3/4 lines on the follwing titles. I have gathered info on Doomlord, Manix Computer Warrior etc.

Is anyone able to shed any light on the synopisis of these stories, I can find nothing at all on the internet:
The Fists of Danny Pyke
Detective Zed
Ghost Squad
Amstore Computer
Crowe St Com
Walk or Die

03 Apr 2006, 10:31
DC Skelton

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Do your own homework :lol:

First featured in Eagle on 24th September 1983. He fought his way up from the back streets of Liverpool, a kid with nothing going for him but the dynamite in his hands and fire in his heart. He knocked the world champion down weighing in at 200llb.

Sorry haven't got any more info.

03 Apr 2006, 15:59
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Do a search for the fanzine 'Eagle Flies Again' and I'm sure they can provide you with all the info you need.


Classic British reprints and all-new comics

03 Apr 2006, 18:55
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Detective Zed ? 5/9/87 ? 2/7/88, set in 2150 featuring the world?s first robotic policeman. Not very much like Robocop though.

Ghost Squad - Ghost Squad (30/01/88-16/07/88, 25 episodes, Author - D.Horton [Barrie Tomlinson], Artist - Vanyo)
Ghost Squad is a strange strip. On the one hand the big bad is Boranga pant-wettingly evil looking evil spirit hell bent on death and destruction. Up against him are the Ghost Squad, a bunch of ghosts dedicated to helping humans out of danger. Of the several adventures the ghosts have the longest concerns the kidnap and rescue of a kid in trouble in the Australian outback. Despite the horror overtones, and the stuff featuring Boranga is pretty good, this is a comedy strip essentially. An unusual strip for the new Eagle to run then as most of the comedy strips, which thankfully were few and far between, were either reprints or just a few frames in length. While the humourous tone provides some light relief from the rest of the strips in each issue, overall the strip is only mildly amusing (Bouncing Ghost and his yoda-style speech patterns gets irritating it does very quickly) and feels, fundamentally, rather out place. An Oddity.

Survival ? (7/3/87?30/04/88, art by Jose Ortiz, Author - D.Horton [Barrie Tomlinson]) ? based on the premise that a virus had wiped out the whole adult population and almost all the child population. Follows one boy?s struggle for survival. Features trips to France and aliens as I recall.

Stormforce - reprints from Battle featuring the exploits of (John Storm) and his team (featuring characters such as Porcupine) in their battles against various megalomaniacs, including their arch-nemesis The Spider. Art by Vanyo.

Amstore Computer - the Amstor Computer was a ?one-off story? series rather like Tharg?s Future Shocks in 2000AD that ran from Sep 83 to May 85. Art by all sorts of New Eagle artists including Ian Kennedy, Mike Dorey, Jose Ortiz, John Cooper, Eric Bradbury.

Crowe St Com - Crowe Street Comp was the new Eagle version of ?Grange Hill?, it ran 26/02/83-28/07/83, art by Rex Archer Baker, script by Fred Baker

Walk or Die ? 18/03/83-21/01/84 started as a photostrip and later became an illustrated story, follows the exploits of a group of children who, I think, survive a plane crash and try and walk to civiliastaion. Possibly set in Canada (I def. remember a mad French guy). Didn?t read the story.

Richard S.

03 Apr 2006, 19:55
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You can always catch up on Eagle news here;

or here if you prefer the new eagle and oys adventure comics from the 80s;

Richard S.

04 May 2006, 20:11
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