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Whizzer & Chips summer specials 
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Could anybody please clear up a few issues i'm having with identifying some of the last few W&C summer specials. According to this link - - i have the 1991 & 1992 specials, but according to the copyright dates, they are 1992 & 1986 respectively.
If i'm correct, this would mean that the cover on the site for 1992 is also wrong, as the one labeled as 1991 should be 1992. This in turn means the cover currently labelled a 1992 is presumably 1993, & the one labbelled 1993 is sometime after 1993, (i know it won't be 1986, as the copyright date would suggest, as i've already identified the 1985 cover).
I've tried to identify which cover is which, by looking through the ads in the weeklies of the period, but as the only surviving IPC/Fleetway weekly was Buster, & as i don't have the full run from those years, i've not been able to identify them. No luck with checking on google, as the main result i get, is for the above link.
If anyone could correctly identify them for me, i'd be hugely appreciative. & if you have a photo or scan of the cover, that would make future identifying much easier too.


04 Jan 2016, 02:19
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Looking at the prices, they're listed in the right order - and anything with that final logo on is definitely 1990 or later, not 1986.

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04 Jan 2016, 18:21

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You could be right, but it's the copyright dates for the 1991/92 special that's confusing me. They wouldn't normally have 1992 as the date for a 1991 special. The dates for the 1993 special being 1986 could just be because it's all reprinted material from 1986 & earlier.
I'm sure you're right about the prices being in the correct order, but i think there may be another special before the one that's currently labelled as 1991. In the 80s & 90s it would've been muc easier to check, by looking for the ads in the weeklies, but by the 90s, Buster was the only surviving comic from the classics.

04 Jan 2016, 19:16
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