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Early masked mystery men
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Author:  paw broon [ Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Early masked mystery men

Digging for old gold comics for CB+, I found a French site by Professeur Labor Improbus, who has gathered together a selection of old, really old, French language comics with a lot of well researched info on titles, creators and some background. More importantly for me, he has 2 comics from 1938 with, what is for me, a new masked mystery man and his female partner. This masked man is Le Loup Garou - L'Homme Masque', in a Phantom like costume and armed with a gas gun, as is his female counterpart. You think you've got obscure heroes off pat and, wonder of wonders, a brand new one turns up. Doesn't get any better.
Without wishing to annoy those who are wary of scanned comics - if you don't want to read this, look away now - these links will let you read the 2 adventures with Loup Garou v. The Red Cagoul, a really nasty robed, hooded fascist band. ... 9rieux1938 ... irates1938
Similarities with Sandman's gas gun, perhaps? But Sandman was in 1939. :wink:

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