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by Tanomaky
20 Feb 2020, 22:05
Forum: Conventions and other events
Topic: MCM Birmingham
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Re: MCM Birmingham

I hope you enjoy it. Normally we go to Birmingham Comiccon in Autumn. I look forward to knowing your comments. For my family and myself, Birmingham Comiccon is where we feel more comfortable.
by Tanomaky
17 Feb 2020, 22:47
Forum: World Comics
Topic: Blacksad
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I would like to recommend Blacksad by Díaz Canales & Guarnido. The art of every drawing is superb and the stories (crime topic) are quite interesting. Good story-lines, characters with different personalities... Have you ever read any of the volumes? If not, I would start with the first ones, as the...
by Tanomaky
17 Feb 2020, 22:18
Forum: General comics discussion
Topic: What comics did you buy today?
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Re: What comics did you buy today?

Hi. I recently got "Life in pictures" by Will Eisner.