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by Tammyfan
30 Sep 2012, 09:23
Forum: Girls' Comics
Topic: Favourite characters/stories in girl's comics
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Re: Favourite characters/stories in girl's comics

Tonibunny: In regard to Down with St Desmond's, Carol Anne hated the school because she believes her mother was wrong expelled and died because of it. Actually, her father spun her that story because he couldn't bring himself to tell her the truth - that her mother is a nasty piece of work who hasn'...
by Tammyfan
30 Sep 2012, 07:14
Forum: Girls' Comics
Topic: Tammy covers
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Re: Tammy covers

In one issue they did a complete story on the cover girls. The blond cover girl introduces herself as Tammy and the brunette (later a blond with pigtails) as her sister June. The story revolved around what they always did - fight over the being the first to read Tammy. Funny, though - I don't recall...
by Tammyfan
30 Sep 2012, 04:56
Forum: Girls' Comics
Topic: Sado-Masochism in Girls' Comics
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Re: Sado-Masochism in Girls' Comics

One story I remember where the heroine nearly loses her life because she would rather endure what she is going through rather than tell her parents about it. The story is Witch! from Bunty #1744-1755. When Ellie Ross moves to the village of Littledene she finds the villagers still believe in witches...
by Tammyfan
30 Sep 2012, 04:35
Forum: Girls' Comics
Topic: Moonchild
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Re: Moonchild

Yes, Moonchild was, well based on Carrie. 'Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel' was based on Aubrey Rose. They also planned to do 'Flowers in the Attic' but never got around to it. (Just as well, judging from what I've read about that book.) 'Planet of the Apes' was a strong influence - in 'Madhouse' and 'The ...
by Tammyfan
30 Sep 2012, 04:04
Forum: Girls' Comics
Topic: Tammy's last issue
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Re: Tammy's last issue

It really p***ed me off that Tammy vanished before the final episode of Cora Can't Lose . :headbash: That story had me hooked and I was dying to see the last episode. Even now I would love to know how that story ended. Was Cora reprinted in one of the Spanish comics? Or is there some way we can trac...