Please Help Me Identify a Free Gift

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Please Help Me Identify a Free Gift

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I'm having a bit of a clear out and have found the item in the photo. It seems likely to me that it is a free gift associated with a comic particularly as I have a significant number from various titles but it was not with any comics in the box so I'm wondering if anyone recognises it and would be kind enough to suggest a title and possibly issue that it was given away with. I've attached photos of the reverse as well in case that helps. I have googled the name on the belt buckle - Roton but that just points me to a vehicle from Masters of the Universe (I definitely don't have any of those comics if in fact there are any!). If it is from a comic then it's likely to be from the 80s as that's where the bulk of my collection is from.

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Re: Please Help Me Identify a Free Gift

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Have you ever thought that rather than being a Master of the Universe comic free-gift, might be an Australian cereal give-away? Another avenue to check perhaps?

To add. Walker Woodley were an Australian Toy Company that produced toys such as the Roton Orbiter. So they might have had produced this for an Australian-only spin-off comic featuring Masters of the Universe character, or as said, perhaps employed a local Sydney-based cereal company to give this away as a free-gift to children in the early/mid 80s. :)
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