What comics did you buy today?

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Tin Can Tommy
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Re: What comics did you buy today?

Post by Tin Can Tommy »

Just started on the 2022 classic beano and Dandy annual. It seems to be made up almost entirely of reprints from annuals. Which would be good if I didn't already have most of them :D

My guess is that this was because of the pandemic and most of the annuals have already been digitally archived so they could compile it whilst working from home.

Captain underpants
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Re: What comics did you buy today?

Post by Captain underpants »

Picked up yesterday a very nice copy of Super DC issue 4 comic which will replace my worn copy

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Re: What comics did you buy today?

Post by abacus »

After months of wandering in and out of charity shops I have finally found some collectable comic stuff.


The annuals cost 75p each from one charity shop and the Look In comic £1from another charity shop.
Now the search continues for those other pesky comics.

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