When Fish Turn Bad!

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When Fish Turn Bad!

Post by philcom55 »

Recent postings about possible antecedents for Action's not-so-pathetic shark Hookjaw reminded me of one of Tiger's most popular characters from the early 1960s. In keeping with that comic's predominant sporting theme (a concept which predated DCT's Warlord by several years) Louis Bernard was the ultimate 'action fisherman' who made his debut on 17th Nov 1962 when he first encountered his fishy nemesis 'Scarback' - named after a distinctively misshapen fin.

As can be seen from the scans below, this strip was not only strongly reminiscent of Hookjaw but also of the film "Jaws" itself. I'll swear you can almost 'hear' the soundtrack going DUMDUM-DUMDUM-DUMDUM-DUMDUM-DUMDUM! in the background!!! :D

[IMG:581:800]http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q123 ... arback.jpg[/img]
[IMG:800:518]http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q123 ... rback2.jpg[/img]

Bernard's adventures continued to appear until October 1967 (after which they were frequently reprinted), with most of the artwork being supplied by the hugely underappreciated Sam Fair. Though the two-fisted fisherman confronted a whole range of seriously anti-social fish during his career (including a Killer Whale, and a bunch of Garfish who actually 'took over' a town!) his main quarry was always the wily Scarback who featured in three separate battles of will before he was finally captured.

- Phil Rushton

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When Fish Turn Bad!

Post by Lew Stringer »

Yeah, Sam Fair was one of those artists we tended to take for granted. Not sure why. Maybe his style seemed too lighthearted to take the stories seriously? Although that sample you found looks great!

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Re: When Fish Turn Bad!

Post by BristleKRS »

I was reminded of this tonight as I flicked through my complete set of ‘Eagle Picture Library’ - with this story being repackaged as ‘Terror of the Deep’... And jolly decent it is too!
http://www.comicvine.com/eagle-picture- ... 00-314968/

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