Eagle Times vol 20, issue 1

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Eagle Times vol 20, issue 1

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is now out...actually it's been out for a while now but it slipped my
mind to mention it here until now...

The latest issues of Eagle Times (the quartely journal of the Eagle
Society, dedicated to the memory of Britain's National picture strip
weekly - Eagle) is now out.

50+ A4 pages (of which 20 are in colour, including full colour
covers) on all things related to Eagle magazine. The lead article is
on Keith Watson's take on Dan Dare, other features include a PC49
radio play adaptation, Franks Hampson's homes, 50s pop music, Dick
Barton, letters and much more besides.

Publication dates are as follows:
31st March
30th June
30th September
14th December

Subscription rates are are as follows:
UK members ?22
Overseas members (surface mail) ?26
Overseas members (air mail) ?29
in ?'s sterling please

Editorial address:
Editorial office
24 Stanfield Road

Richard Sheaf

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