Are you interested in writing or drawing comics?

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Are you interested in writing or drawing comics?

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OTTcomics is a new forum for comics producers who would like to work collaboratively in order to produce comics together.

It's very new so not much there at the moment but we'd like to invite anyone from Comics UK who's interested in making new comics work to register (it's free) and get involved either to write, illustrate or letter or just to give advice and share with other creators.. and in time we'd love to come back and tell you all about the comics we produce!

There's a couple of early pieces we've produced here

The group is an offshoot of and run by the same people as OTTfilms and is destined to follow a similar ethos of collective working practices and strenthening each other by banding together. We hope the comics producing community we've created will become as strong and do as well.

So pop over and check us out.. :D

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