Wilfred Haughton information/surviving relatives sought!

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Wilfred Haughton information/surviving relatives sought!

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Hi all,

I'm the house archivist with Gemstone Publishing, the Yank Walt Disney comics publisher. Unfortunately, we don't publish any traditional comics mags as such anymore, but we do have two to four squarebound, high-quality trade paperback-style color comics each month?usually ranging from 64 to 128 pages, and some of which carry on the numbering from the old North American magazine titles.
The books carry a mix of new and vintage international material; most of the vintage stuff is Italian, Dutch, and American, but we've used a bit of material from the great old Dean MICKEY MOUSE ANNUAL and Odhams MICKEY MOUSE WEEKLY, too, and I'd like to reprint more in the near future; I'm a British comics fan of long standing, having even written Beano characters for a short while as a college student in 1995.
I'm faced with a problem, then, insofar as I'd like to offer some biographical material on Haughton together with his stories, but know very little. A Disney fan group with which I correspond was apparently contacted by a Haughton relative around 2001, but no one followed up and today we can't find his letter. Does anyone on this forum perhaps know a surviving relative of Haughton whom I might reach?maybe the same one who tried to contact my fan group way back when?
All I've managed to find about Haughton thus far is very superficial, commonly available information, usually based on what was written in the 1980 hardback GOOFY BEST COMICS; the distilled text at lambiek.net is one example. Everyone mentions Haughton's "Ebb and Flo" but seems to know very little about it; from a used bookseller's site I find that he apparently drew Bobby Bear some years after his Disney work, but I have little more to go on...

Help, anyone? Thanks in advance!

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