Wanted - World of Gerry Anderson scans from Look-In, 1977-78

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Wanted - World of Gerry Anderson scans from Look-In, 1977-78

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As one of the supplemental indexes being prepared for the Gerry Anderson Complete Comic History, I'm compiling an index of the questions asked, and the issues they appeared in. We have a smattering of these, and will probably complete it with a visit to the British Newspaper Library, but I was wondering if....

a/ anyone has any issues (it ran from the beginning of 1977 to issue 15 of 1978) that you could provide scans from


b/ did anyone here actually write in and get a question published? I've already been contacted by someone who did but would like to feature others if they contact us.

You can contact myself or Kim Stevens through the GACCH website, or at:




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