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WANTED: Pip Squeak and Wilfred Annual Scans (1938)

Posted: 09 Mar 2006, 17:56
Here's an email I have been sent, if any one can help with a scan of the annual/page or even with a little information please do...

sir can you help please i am nearly seventy years old during the second
ww i was given a1938 ps&w
(Pip Squeak and Wilfred ) annual on the inside i found an illustrated
rhyme which iwould very much like the words too-------------my memory
recalls that it told the story of a conquering conker.

im a conquering conker cablinka cablonka all conkers i conquer cablonk
im a regular stunner a hundred and one er a kinkering conquering conk

i have never in all the years since been able to obtain the words can
you help ?
sorry for lack of punctuation it was difficult enough typing this to you
ha ha
best wishes and thank you

Thanks a lot people,