Comic Gifts for Christmas?

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Comic Gifts for Christmas?

Post by SID »

Anyone know of any good comics relatived stuff that are in the shops (or internet) for Christmas?

Stuff I have seen:

Roy of the Rovers: The Unauthorised Biography

Bought this on holiday and is proving an interesting read even though I just started it.

Rick Random: Space Detective: 10 of the Best Space Adventure Picture Library Comic Books Ever!

Just found out about this (and am hoping that someone will buy this for me for Christmas :xfingers:).
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Agent G
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Re: Comic Gifts for Christmas?

Post by Agent G »

There's a load of goodies over at
Exclusive Starblazer and Commando calendars along with the A5 Beano and Dandy facsimiles which I'm pretty sure you can't get anywhere else.
There's Dennis and Gnasher posters signed by Nigel Parkinson which are very good value to more expensive items like limited edition giclee prints.
I'm lucky enough to have the David Law Dennis the Menace one framed and on the wall of my
studio at home. I took it in to work to show my colleagues and they all thought I had framed up the original and I actually work at DCT so that gives an indicator of the quality.
Considering how much you would need to spend if a piece like that were to make it to open market, I think the print is very reasonable. So if you are looking for a comic related item that's not available anywhere else then a wee visit to is well worth it.
I know there are two Dennis the Menace collectable vinyls arriving soon also. I'll post more details soon and work out how to stick photos up here so you can see them.

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Re: Comic Gifts for Christmas?

Post by steelclaw »

If your looking for a present for a girl buy this Jigsaw in M&S.



I like the old ruined box look.

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Re: Comic Gifts for Christmas?

Post by kevf »

I just took the time to visit Waterstones and sign 50 Beano Annuals (I'm in the annual, as a writer and artist, I didn't just vandalise them at random). So if you want a signed Beano Annual 2009, you know where to get one. (Waterstones, Broadmead, Bristol. Where there'll no doubt be a run on Un-vandalised copies).

Kev F
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Re: Comic Gifts for Christmas?

Post by chrissmillie »

A few years ago my mother told me she had bought me a present. A comic of a film signed by a writer or director or someone. Doesn't sound overly inspiring huh? Turned out to be an Amazing Spider-Man signed by Stan 'the Man' Lee!
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Re: Comic Gifts for Christmas?

Post by bustercomic »

For those who are interested - there's loads of Beano stuff in Boots this Christmas....nice addition for the DCT fans.

It did get me thinking that if Egmont Fleetway had been a bit more savvy (and to a certain extent lucky) with the business whether Buster or W&C would have merchandise on sale each Christmas.... - The World's Most Comprehensive Buster Website

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Re: Comic Gifts for Christmas?

Post by davidandrewsimpson »

A look at Steve Holland's blog at should give you more ideas for old comics Christmas gifts than you'll know what to do with.


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Re: Comic Gifts for Christmas?

Post by Steve Henderson »

Everyone should be getting the new Beano coffee table book for christmas! Its called a coffee table book because its the flippin' size of one! Its brilliant

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Re: Comic Gifts for Christmas?


yes, I got that book also......good value, I will not open it until Christmas day, however.

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