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Lew Stringer
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Re: The Unwritten

Post by Lew Stringer »

I think they do have copies of the book still available.

Mike worked very hard on it, restoring those old pages from scans of the comics. It is expensive (I don't have one myself yet) but not if you compare it to other collector's books such as the Marvel Masterworks or the recent Wulf the Briton book. And as you say Dave, they only printed a very limited quantity.
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Re: The Unwritten

Post by felneymike »


That British Fantasy Heroes book looks AMAZING! Email duly sent... well after this anyway.

I quite like "crude" art, I mainly collect story papers from the 1890's to 1930's and one of my favourites is the Union Jack from the late 20's, which were mostly illustrated by Eric Parker who had a very rushed, messy-looking style. Somehow it has a charm of it's own that the near-photorealistic woodcuts of 19th century Chatterbox (for instance) lack.

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Re: The Unwritten

Post by Dan007 »

Hi chaps,
This is quite an old post I have just found, but it's new to me! Not sure if anyone will pick up on this but I'll give it a shot.
My interest is in Joe Colquhoun (especially those old 'Scion'/King-Ganteaume books), if any one has any info on where I can A). purchase such books, B). get hi-res scans or C). borrow any books for scanning or shooting, then please get in contact with me at
I'm currently researching a book about Joe Colquhoun so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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