Judge Dredd vs the 70's

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Black Max
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Judge Dredd vs the 70's

Post by Black Max »


Here's a heads up for a new Blog of mine.
Got a project underway where i ask artists for their takes on two characters i've chosen for them - one a classic, out of print character from 60's/70's British boys comics meeting a modern, in print one.
Aside from it being in B&W, its totally up to the artists to decide what the characters are doing, whether they're getting along etc.
I've got a couple already, with more in the pipeline, and i'm also using the site to showcase my Black Max comissions and convention sketches where i've asked folks for their takes on some iconic characters.
All of it is inspired by Cliff Robinsons commission he did for me, which was inspired by Dredd winning the "favourite British comic character" poll i did on my "AIEEEE!" Blog, which a lot of you voted in.
So thanks to y'all too.


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Mr Valeera
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Re: Judge Dredd vs the 70's

Post by colcool007 »

Max, very nice commissions. Relly like the Stax one and his take on Major Eazy. Selling it soon? :D

On your blog, I agree that the Janus Stark is Ian Kennedy, but Raven On The Wing is not. The clue with Ian is the shadow under any hatted character. He does a very distinctive shadow under the brim that you cannot mistake for anyone else. Plus his style is usually unmistakeable anyway.
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David McDonald
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Re: Judge Dredd vs the 70's

Post by David McDonald »

Ive seen this over on the 2000ad site and is is pure class, great idea.


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Re: Judge Dredd vs the 70's

Post by Raven »

Fascinating blog idea, Black Max.

colcool007 wrote: On your blog, I agree that the Janus Stark is Ian Kennedy, but Raven On The Wing is not.

Could the Raven on the Wing be Felix Carrion trying to ghost Lopez? There's especially something about the profiles, particularly the jaws in profile.

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Re: Judge Dredd vs the 70's

Post by chrissmillie »

Already added to my RSS feed on Thunderbird* (it won't show me up as a follower I'm afraid). A great idea. Adam Eterno and the Spider would be great to return in DC Comics (probably much to the horror of most of the posters on here but those characters are great).
I'd like to see an artist try a Krazy comic's Birdman and Chicken but in a grim-n-gritty style (the humour comes from playing it absolutely straight).

*which incidentally I'd recommend over regular use of a standard browser if you know how to get the best out of it.
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