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Post by stevezodiac »

I'm not a fan but I think some of you on here are so I'm posting this article which appeared in yesterday's Times newspaper:


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Re: Asterix

Post by r3tr0_gam3r »

Thanks :) I love Asterix (not literally of course). I will get round to reading the whole article at some point, I'm just a bit too tired right now. Thanks again :)

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Re: Asterix

Post by -MikeD- »

Yeah - thanks for the scan, Steve. Nice to see a bit of Asterix love in the broadsheets. I am a fan, and I didn't start reading the books until I was 19!
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Re: Asterix

Post by dishes »

also: ... ert-uderzo

I'm a fan and I don't want an "inspired revival", I just want all the books since the seventies to be erased from history and leave it at that.

Got this fine academic analysiss of Asterix at a market stall in France last week:


have been re-reading the Goscinny-penned classics and am all the more convinced that Asterix is one of the best comic strips ever.
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Re: Asterix

Post by Ginger »

I agree! I've recently reread them all, too, and I also stop reading when Goscinny stops writing. I always felt he should've found a writer.

A wonderful article, thanks for posting it, Steve. I'd read the one in the Guardian but I love Giles Coren's take on it. Plus I happen to think he's spot on.

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Re: Asterix

Post by patpending »

This just caught my eye.

Wonder what the new books will be like?

The Dutch academics Royen and van der Vegt have written two scholarly books (available in German) about Asterix - seriously investigating whether the Britons really spoke like "English Policemen"(!") I think they missed the point...

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Re: Asterix

Post by Steve Henderson »

I am a massive Asterix fan and other fans may be pleased to know that a movie is on the way. I loved the last one (Asterix and the Vikings) and this new one seems to remain faithful to the style and from only a few screenshots you can see that they decided to stay close to the Gaulish village and away from uncanny valley. ... on-the-way

Its been made by the guys who did 'Despicable Me' a movie that was made mainly in France due to their tax breaks.

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