What's your least favourite comic strip ever

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Re: What's your least favourite comic strip ever

Post by presterjohn »

I could find nothing of interest in Look-In at all back in my youth. It was the only comic that I ever reminded my Mom not to buy me if she was nipping to the shops for something. I can't think of a single strip that I felt was worth my time reading in it.

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Re: What's your least favourite comic strip ever

Post by Jay »

Ball Boy.

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Re: What's your least favourite comic strip ever

Post by WizzKid97 »

Jay wrote:Ball Boy.
GRRR!! Why you... :x

Only joking, you have your opinion. It's just, Ball Boy's my favourite character in the Beano! ;)
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Re: What's your least favourite comic strip ever

Post by STARBOY »

I used to think that about Look-in as well (was never on my want's list either) but I recently picked up a few tatty issues in a car boot sale that had some stunning art by Martin Ashbury on the Kung Fu tv comic strip and also also some lovely are by Arthur Ranson on Sapphire and Steele - the premise of the comic and the stories however never really interested me but will look out some of these issues especially for the Kung Fu art and maybe find some other gems I may have missed .

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Re: What's your least favourite comic strip ever

Post by stevezodiac »

I don't think I ever read a McTickles strip - just hated the look of it and shunned it. I never read the Jocks and the Geordies either. That artist had a harsh look that grated on me.

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Re: What's your least favourite comic strip ever

Post by felneymike »

I can remember Ivy The Terrible being the reason why I finally stopped getting the Beano in 1999 (as well as "growing up"). There was one story that had a tamagotchi in and another one where she was "practising opening things" in preparation for her birthday. Back in the day I think I liked everything though.

Also Slaine in 2000AD, when I was young it was because it didn't have laser guns and space travel, and when I was older it was because the end of one story just had to slip in a reference to the Battle of the Boyne. Yet more "HEY REMEMBER WHEN THE ENGLISH MASSACRED THE CELTYIC FAERY EARTHE CULTURE?". It's like they were nodding their heads while reading The Modern Parents in Viz!

Also that thing with werewolves and rune magic in 2000AD. Also The Red Seas in 2000AD, too much faery earthe magyk. Then there was that thing with the time travelling cab driver in 2000AD talking about ley lines. What? those ancient mystical things that were dreamed up in the 1920's? Then there's Cradlegrave in 2000AD, ten weeks of a bunch of chavs hanging around on an estate and then... whatever the rest was. Oh and also Low Life in 2000AD when it started featuring loads of faery earthe magyk. And Stickleback in 2000AD for the same reason. Oh and Ampney Crucis. I'd better stop there eh?

Oh also this book I got about Robin Hood, which I think was from 2009. It made a big fuss about how the Robin Hood stories amazingly had a muslim character from the late 80's onwards (though he didn't actually show up in the strip in the book). Oh and also the strip itself stole plot points from Superman Returns and Star Wars. And they all talked like American high schoolers.

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