Marvel Comics.

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Bob Frankland
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Marvel Comics.

Post by Bob Frankland »

Can anybody help.

While tidying up the rats nest (storage cupboard) I came across a box containing 200 numbered sets of Marvel phonecards.

These were produced is 1999 as promotional cover mounts for British editions of Marvel Comics. There are 8 cards to a set.

Also found a set of printers proofs for six of the cards, each card printed 21 times. Obviously very rare, probably unique.

Any idea where I can dispose of them.

Unfortunately I don't know how to attach images to my messages. If you send me a PM I can e-mail more details.

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Mr Valeera
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Re: Marvel Comics.

Post by colcool007 »

Ebay? Bulletin board with Marvel fans? Recycling centre? I was going to suggest Amazon, but that has no listings for the old BT phone cards.
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Re: Marvel Comics.

Post by presterjohn »

Ebay is really your only viable place to flog them. I do advise including decent photos though. The market seems to have dropped off for this kind of item though.

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