"Inappropiate" stuff in UK kids humour comics

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Re: "Inappropiate" stuff in UK kids humour comics

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yellowbentine wrote:TwoHeadedBoy - thanks for posting the C & D pet mouse story. I remembered a girl getting her dress sucked off by a vacuum cleaner but could never find that issue when I looked for it.

My favourite C & D strip was this one, with Mumsie leaning over the cot. I think Barrie Appleby was asked to tone it down after this because she was flat as a pancake by the following issue.

Edit: Okay - I'm trying to add the image but I don't know how!
Haha, I remember that one too! The cat or the parrot (or both?) were always lusting after "Mumsie" as well (who can blame them, eh?). There's another one where she takes them for a swimming lesson, I'll try and dig that out one day.

Toxteth O'Grady - took me a moment to notice that one, but when I did, ho ho! Also, the "Clock People" could easily be misread, looking at the shape of their heads...
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