Welcome to the new Forums.

Talk here about just about anything associated with British comics or story papers and the industry that does not fit in any other forum.
There are separate fora open to registered members for discussing specific comics, artists, websites etc.

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Welcome to the new Forums.

Post by Al »

Well, they certainly look a lot better than the old Forums don't they?

PHPBB is pretty new to me and I'm learning as I'm going along. The main reason for the inception of these forums is to stop a lot of the personal attacks being made by a few people who posted anonymously or pseudonymously :shock:. I will now have a lot more control over individual posts and user-banishment if I feel the need to, hopefully not. It also allows me to delete posts saying Dandy and Beano to merge etc :twisted: (Unless the post is from Euan Kerr or Morris Heggie).

I'm sure that most of you have used these popular PHPBB forums already on other sites, so if you know of any good tips or practices about how to run them please let me know via the new Suggestion forum. If you haven't used this type of Forum, then click on the FAQ option above. And if you've still got some questions after that, then Email me and I'll try to answer them (hopefully the FAQ's will answer ALL your questions :D).

SPELLING: We know that spelling is important, but a problem with the old forum was that once you hit the SEND button and then noticed a spelling or grammatical error, you were scuppered, because there was no edit facility. On this forum, that feature is available, so you can amend these errors. However, if i read a post that is lamblasting someone because of one of these errors, the lamblasting post will be removed, there's no need for it. If there is an error on, say, a character/story/comic name, then just politely point it out, because it could assist someone if they wanted to 'Google' it later.

I am still uploading many of the 11,500 posts from the old forum (I will not be uploading any more Buying/Selling posts) and because of the constant copying and pasting that's occuring, I've noticed that my finger-prints are starting to wear out :D. You will also notice that I've added a Comic Titles forum with many sub-forums. As its description says, there is a lot more scope to British comics then just who drew what for who. British comics have got a steep tradition of unique and original storylines and excellent characters. I know that many of the visitors to this site were reading them throughout the 1960's to the 1980's and must have a favourite strip they would like to discuss with fellow enthusiasts or simply to comment on what they liked about it. And if you were reading comics before the 1960's, then a very warm welcome to you indeed and we relish any comic stories that you might have.

I noticed on the old forum that a few of you were actually swapping comics instead of just buying and selling them. What a great idea! So good in fact, I thought I'd dedicate a forum to just that.

Of course, the one feature that I like about these new forums is that older threads can be kept alive by somebody actually submitting a post to them. Unlike the old forum, where you would reply to a post in, say, 37th position, and it would remain in 37th position after you've added your thread. These new forums will push that thread to number one!

There are some other very nice features. One that I like is the Avatar feature. This allows you to upload an image from your PC that you would like to represent you on this forum - like my Billy Bunter on the left :) You do this via the Profile option above. Another feature is the ability to upload an image from somewhere on the net to this very forum. It's a nice opportunity for any budding artists to display their work here. I must reiterate, the image MUST be on the net somewhere, you cannot just upload it from your own PC (unlike the Avatars). To insert your image, just press the IMG button above, paste in the image URL and finally press the IMG button again.

Another nice feature is the POLL option. You can now conduct polls about anything related to British comics, i.e. What was you favourite DCT adventure comic? Press the FAQ button for more details.

I've also included a Suggestion forum for you to give me any constructive criticism about the site. Be gentle :)

That's it for now, I hope you like using the new forums and that they get used the way in which they were intended to be used, i.e. discussions and comments about British comics. :D

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Welcome to the new Forums.

Post by Magnet »

Yeh, I love it. Much better than the old one Great job!! :D

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Welcome to the new Forums.

Post by Conor B »

Magnet! Good to see you've found the forums! Al emailed me to tell you about them, but my computer freaked out.
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Welcome to the new Forums.

Post by jimbob »

yeah it is a nice forum, i think it's great and i love it. i also like the comic titles thread. I think you've included every single comic title. Some of them, i havn't even heard of!

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Welcome to the new Forums.

Post by steelclaw »

It looks great on here.

Is that Dandy magnet?

Hello your back. that's good.

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Welcome to the new Forums.

Post by colcool007 »

switching over to the new forum is great. No longer do we have to search through multiple pages to get to the thread that we seek! And no thread ever dies! What could be better? Great work Batman! :lol:
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