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Eastward Ho at D C Thomson?

Posted: 14 Jun 2006, 13:44
by philcom55
Has anyone else heard rumours that D C Thomson are going to be cutting back on UK-originated strips in favour of work produced by cheaper East European artists?

- Phil R.

Eastward Ho at D C Thomson?

Posted: 14 Jun 2006, 20:23
by Shaqui
Hasn't that been the case for over forty years or more?


Eastward Ho at D C Thomson?

Posted: 16 Jun 2006, 00:51
by AndyB
DCT have dipped into foreign talent (such as the artists on Jumbo and Billy the Cat in last year's Action Special), but the tendency is still for British artists, or in the case of Steve Horrocks, British born, as far as I can see!

Eastward Ho at D C Thomson?

Posted: 16 Jun 2006, 20:38
by kevf
Where did this rumour come from? I only know of two DC Thomson comics, the Beano and The Dandy, and as far as I know every single writer and artist is British, with the majority still being Scottish.

Though since that Scots total includes me, and no-one but no-one believes I'm Scottish (hiya Stevie), even with me supporting Trinidad and Tobago with a volume that would have made you believe I was actually interested in football last night (gutted, we was robbed by the way), maybe it's not as proud a boast as it once was.

Whatever, who started this rumour? Gimme facts.

Kev F (still, for as long as he can cling on, Out Of The Beano)

Eastward Ho at D C Thomson?

Posted: 17 Jun 2006, 03:29
by philcom55
This supposedly came from a DCT editor, though it reached me second-hand so I can't vouch for its authenticity. Apparently a 'certain artist' was originally promised work, only to be told this week that he wouldn't be used after all because of a general decision to shift towards employing cheaper artists from countries like Poland in future. Even if it's true I don't know whether this relates to humourous strips or 'Commando-style' action/adventure art, and I doubt it would affect established artists anyway.

All the Best, Phil R.