1985 Buster Book Annual, is this normal???

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1985 Buster Book Annual, is this normal???

Post by Pu22l3d »

I am looking for some advice on a annual I recently found amongst my fathers collection.
I have a 1985 Buster Book Annual in mint condition EXCEPT!! for one strange thing!!
The cover and the inside pages match but they have been put in upside down and back to front!!!!
Was this a joke issue or a common mistake or is this something rare???
Has anyone come across it?? Is it worth anything?? Is there anyone interested in it??
Would appreciate some guidance on this
Many Thanks

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Re: 1985 Buster Book Annual, is this normal???


Probably a genuine printing mistake, Pu, this sort of thing did crop up on occassion --I remember seeing a DANDY Comic Library that came out like this and yes it was pretty rare: it is along the same lines as somebody working in a milk bottling plant and putting the wrong labels on a specific brand of milk and this getting mistakenly put out , to cite a random example.

If it IS deliberate, there would probably be a self-concious reference to this somewhere else in the book, making an obvious joke out of this , etc etc----KRAZY would certainly have entertained this sort of thing, although I cannot recall seeing any annuals put out by them.

Is it worth anything?
Probably to a die-hard BUSTER fan, they will be out there, it is just finding 'em.

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Re: 1985 Buster Book Annual, is this normal???

Post by stevezodiac »

Annuals covers can sometimes come loose from the interior and it could have been glued back upside down. But as you say it is mint its unlikely. I have a 1960s Twilight Zone annual where a whole section of pages are printed in the wrong order and the same with an American comic which starts in the middle of the story. Iron Man I think.

Elsewhere on these forums there was a tale of a dad who bought a Beano annual for his daughter but the interior is the Dandy annual (or something like that). Check the Beano section for clarification.

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