Ian Rankin's "New Career in Comics"

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Ian Rankin's "New Career in Comics"

Post by philcom55 »

I know it's not strictly a UK title but there was an interesting article in yesterday's Times announcing that Scotland's Ian (Inspector Rebus) Rankin is soon going to be writing DC's Hellblazer comic. The best-selling crime novelist told the Times that he grew up reading the Beano and the Dandy before moving on to more sophisticated comics: "sadly at the age of 46 I'm still reading them" he said.

- Phil Rushton

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Ian Rankin's "New Career in Comics"

Post by Cap Haggis »

I find it amazing how many Brits are involved in US comics, there particularly seem to be a lot of Scottish artists and writers working on their books - I reckon its all becasue the ship yards and steel works closed down - bloody Thatcher lol - still makes you wonder what if the UK industry was strong enough to kep some of these guys here working on UK comics how cool would they be then?!!!
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Ian Rankin's "New Career in Comics"

Post by presterjohn »

Wow that is interesting news. I love Ian Rankin and am also quite fond of Hellblazer. I will definately seek out the issues that he writes. Does anyone have a link to the article in the Times?

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