Comic Strips Re-presented as New in the Same Comic

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Comic Strips Re-presented as New in the Same Comic

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I know this has been discussed before on the forum where strips are re-packaged as new. But usually the strip may have been renamed and is shown in a different comic.

Just being through some of the issues of Battle and found at least a couple examples where this had happened in the same comic.

Glory Rider - which started in a 1986 issue of Battle as if it was a new strip. However, older readers (me) would have remembered that the strip had originally started in the 200th issue (1979).

But the best one for me was Charley's War. It started in the 200th issue with Charley Bourne joining the army to fight in the WW1. Eventually the war ended and the strip saw him re-enlist to fight in WW2. When his adventures in WW2 ended, he then started reminiscing on how he got into fighting in the first place by joining up for WW1. Because it has always been the same artist that illustrated the strip and the way it was done, I doubt that the younger readers would have noticed that the strip had actually finished and had started reprinting Charley's story from the beginning. Nicely done that. Also from that standpoint, it must be one the few strips that never ends (and without the aid of time travel).

Any other examples?
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