High Noon at 19.55!

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High Noon at 19.55!

Post by Kashgar »

At roughly five to eight this evening it will be interesting to see whether anyone has an itchy trigger finger and goes for Beano No1 for £25,000 on the philcomics auction site. The historical ripeness of the moment, the Beano's 80th birthday, may encourage someone to throw caution to the wind and become part of British comics history themselves, for the moment at least or maybe the world of British comic collecting has already had its most expensive hour? Somehow I doubt it, but whether this is the time for another record to be broken remains to be seen.

big bad bri
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Re: High Noon at 19.55!

Post by big bad bri »

if i had the money i would definitely bid for it bit i don't even have £25 at the moment :lol: :lol:

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Re: High Noon at 19.55!

Post by judomole »

and as expected no bids no sale

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Re: High Noon at 19.55!

Post by koollectablz »

It’s just ‘too’ high a starting price. I think it could well have made a world record sum for a British comic if listed differently, but £25k is multiple thousands over the top for the first bid.

And unfortunately now it has the distinction of not selling at that price which sets a market expectation that it’s value is definitely less. It’s not new to market now either, its been offered and didn’t sell. Never a good thing for any item.

Few options for the seller if they still wish to offload though, either relist at a lower start price, or maybe list it as a £25k BIN and accept offers. Though I guess if someone really wants it then an email to Phil is probably the right route.

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