Trigan Empire & Rebellion 2020 Schedule

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Trigan Empire & Rebellion 2020 Schedule

Post by tonyf33 »

The Trigan Empire release date and full 2020 Schedule released from Treasury of British Comics. Think there is a Roy of the Rovers 1970's due and is that a Buster & Cor Annual (kind of) later in the year or reprint of the recent new comics? ... announced/

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Re: Trigan Empire & Rebellion 2020 Schedule

Post by Shiner »

Another great line up and very welcome indeed.

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Re: Trigan Empire & Rebellion 2020 Schedule

Post by SID »

I can't wait and will be putting in my order this weekend. :cheers:

Sad that there is no new The Vigilant coming out this year but perhaps maybe 2021?
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