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Boloney Book Rover Comic Free Gift

Posted: 03 Feb 2020, 22:49
by booksandcomics
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've last logged in, been busy working overseas but now thankfully back in the UK.

Currently doing an inventory of things and came across this Rover Comic Gold Star Broadway 'Boloney Book' free gift. I think I got this a few years back off a bookseller in Manchester.

Although I've managed to find comic dates for the other Gold Star Broadway books, I can't find the comic to go with this free gift. Any Rover comic fans / collectors out there able to offer any help dating this free gift? If possible, I'm trying to get the issue number / date of the comic.



Re: Boloney Book Rover Comic Free Gift

Posted: 04 Feb 2020, 10:14
by Phoenix
'The Gold Star Broadway Boloney Book' was given away in issue 697 of the ROVER (August 24 1935). It was attached to 'The Gold Star Broadway Book - Marvels Of Land, Sea And Air', the latter vertically above the former, so you needed scissors to separate them. Two more Broadway Books were issued the following week, and a further pair the week after that.