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This Year's The Vigilant

Posted: 28 May 2020, 07:09
by SID
Hi, guys.

I have a question: Why is the final issue of The Vigilant being bagged with Judge Dredd Megazine and not being sold on its own?

Didn't it sell very well?

If that is the case, then what a shame as I loved it.

Re: This Year's The Vigilant

Posted: 03 Jun 2020, 11:21
by big bad bri
i think there will be a graphic novel soon with all 3 issues so for them to do a graphic novel with only 3 issues instead of 5 or 5 suggests its the last one

Re: This Year's The Vigilant

Posted: 04 Jun 2020, 06:00
by Shiner
It was just too “busy” wasn’t it. On more than occasion I would turn the page and immediately turn back to the previous page to understand what it was I was reading.

Re: This Year's The Vigilant

Posted: 09 Jun 2020, 18:34
by SID
I am not sure, Shiner. I liked it

However I do think that Rebellion could have done a Marvel approach and introduced the readers to the individual characters more and get them invested before teaming them up. In that way I liked the Smash! 2020 Special. I hope that they do more specials where they develop the storylines.