Merry Christmas everyone!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Post by Shiner »

Fellow Comic UK members, every good wish to you this Christmas season. May your Christmas Day be packed with thrills and chortles.

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Re: Merry Christmas everyone!

Post by blaing »

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Re: Merry Christmas everyone!

Post by Phoenix »

Ditto from me.

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Adam Eterno
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Re: Merry Christmas everyone!

Post by Adam Eterno »

And a very Merry Christmas to you Shiner and all of the other members of ComicsUK. May you receive and read lots of lovely comics over the holidays!

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Re: Merry Christmas everyone!

Post by Captain underpants »

Merry Christmas and a safe tier 4 to you all 🎅

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Re: Merry Christmas everyone!

Post by SID »

Ho! Ho! Ho! A Very Merry Christmas 🎅, fellow ComicsUKers, and a Happy & Safe New Year.

Everyone deserves it!
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