Searching for 2 particular comic strips

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Searching for 2 particular comic strips

Post by PMiddy001 »

Hi all,
The first one is straight forward enough, I'm looking for a copy of Zit - Issue 69. The one with the Road Rage in Toytown story.

The second will require your expertise as I'm not sure of the issue number nor the actual comic that it was featured in. The strip was called "Our Neighbour's Are b*****ds" - I have a feeling it was also Zit but an eBay seller has recently suspected that it was in Viz comic. The neighbour was causing havoc outside giving this long rant. In the end he just says "My heart - I think it's stopped". It ends with him up in heaven complaining to keep the harps down as the clouds are paper thin.

If anybody has a copy of either of these issues for sale or has any further info on the second mystery comic / issue number - please let me know.

I've been searching for both of these for quite a number of years. Surely somebody has them sat on a shelf somewhere?!

Thanks in advance!

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