2000AD NO.1 GOES FOR ?551, SO DOES NO.2

Discuss or comment on Britain's sole surviving boy's comic from the 1970's. The home of Judge Dredd, Slaine, Nikolai Dante, ABC Warriors and Sinister Dexter. Has been running since 1977.

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2000AD NO.1 GOES FOR ?551, SO DOES NO.2

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Incredi-bubble. During December 2002 at Compal Comic book auctions, a 2000AD No.1 with space spinner went for ?551. A 2000AD No.2 with transfers also went for ?551 and Prog 3 with the Red Alert Survival Wallet went for ?223.

Cut and paste this link and go to items #166, #167 and #168 http://www.compalcomics.com/results/brit122002.html

Just thought you'd like to know.

Originally posted by Ebay Man on the old forum on 15/05/2003

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