Neal Adams dead at 80

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tony ingram
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Neal Adams dead at 80

Post by tony ingram »

American, not British, I know, but Neal Adams was nonetheless an important figure in the history of comics and a hugely influential artist, as well as a pioneer in championing creators rights. Sadly, it's being reported that he died yesterday aged 80, from complications from sepsis. A sad loss to the world of comics.

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Re: Neal Adams dead at 80

Post by stevezodiac »

Sad news. I bought every Marvel title in the seventies and the DC mystery titles. Neal drew a lot of covers for House of Mystery and his time on X-Men and Green Lantern-Green Arrow is well remembered by fans of that era. Always looked forward to any title drawn by him. But I always preferred the more stylized work of Gil Kane and Carmine Infantino.

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