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Ken Reid

Posted: 16 Mar 2006, 21:03
by Peter Gray
Ken Reid has done some great stuff.......Faceache.....Jonah

He also did controversal stuff.......and banned comic work

Lew or anyone did you get to see or hear about a Ken Reid creation about a nuclear war character locked in the comic vaults never PUBLISHED!!! What was the character about. according to Leo Baxendale he survived a atomic all he wants to do is die....but his growth on his toe grows into different shapes and saves him each time. Very black humour.
I read this from the Escape article.

Deed a day was pretty gruesome fun....World wide weirdies....he must have been a bit warped or on another planet...its amazing what creatures he invented.......the British Dr Seus with a even darker twist... :shock: :D

I see his humour as a bit like Segar's Popeye. 8)