Tom Paterson

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Little Squelchy Thing
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Tom Paterson

Post by Little Squelchy Thing »

I'm a really big fan of Tom's work, and have been since I was a wee sproutling. I used to copy his drawings in my own scribbly manner, and from there I began to learn to draw.

From his days drawing Sweeny Toddler, to his strips for the 'Craziest Characters' in Buster (Captain Crucial, Lucy Lastic et al) on to Calamity James and beyond, I've loved the way he can change his style so deftly, and the sheer detail and craftmanship that fills his panels.

Plus, his stuff makes me laugh milk through my nose.

But I still hardly know anything about the man himself. I'm not even sure I know what he looks like. I've heard he's notoriously private, but has anyone met him? Anyone know anything about him? What's he like?

I'm not a creepy stalker or anything, I'm just genuinely interested!

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Peter Gray
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Tom Paterson

Post by Peter Gray »

There is a bit of info about him on my website.

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Tom Paterson

Post by ajsmith »

I remember Tom being interviewed on an edition of the kids Saturday morning show starring that Gilbert Puppet thing in the late 80s, 87-88 ish. I remember being surprised at how conservative and reserved Tom looked in appearance, considering the zaniness of his comics. also on the show was Simon Furman (or was it Geoff Senior?) showing off some Transformers artwork. Anyone remember that? Would love to see it again.

Conor B
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Tom Paterson

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Why on the Dandy artist poll does it say TAM Paterson instead of TOM Paterson? :?: :? :?: :? :?:
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Steve Bright
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Tom Paterson

Post by Steve Bright »

'Tam' is how he is known to his friends and colleagues, and how most Tom's are known in Scotland. I usually refer to him as Tom on these boards to avoid confusion, but when we're on the phone, it's always Tam.

I had no idea he was also a victim of Gilbert the Alien though. I was interviewed by the beast when the spaceship (that was the set design for the show - 'Get Fresh' was the title) 'landed' in Dundee one Saturday morning. It has to go down as one of the more bizarre experiences of my life so far.

Here's Gilbert...minus the stream of snot that normally pours from his least I think they were nostrils - who knows with an extra terrestrial?.....

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