George Ramsbottom

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George Ramsbottom

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In discussing the booklet given away with the New Hotspur Phil asked for a few details of strips that George Ramsbottom had drawn. As George was a quite significant contributor to the genre at D C Thomsons I thought he deserved a strand of his own.
George Ramsbottom was basically in at the birth of comic adventure strips at Thomsons having drawn 'Invisible Dick' for the Dandy from issue No 1 in 1937.
Below is a list of a fair number of the strips that followed on from this debut (excluding reprints).


Invisible Dick 1-96
Little White Chief of the Cherokees 107-170
Blackhawk's Boy 104-203
Barney's Bear 440-499, 554-583, 665-778 (this was the strip for which he drew most episodes)
The Tickler Twins on the Redskin Trail 588-602
Charlie the Chimp 791-794
Mystery Dick 827-843


Coal Black Jonah 81-108
Lucky Dicky Dolphin 109-128
Danger in the Hills 436-442
Johnny Rover 574-654
Who on Earth is Peter Planet? 655-703

Weekly News

Black Bob 8/9/51 - 20/10/51 (completes)
Black Bob 13/8/55 - 1/10/55 (serial)


The Raid On Rommel (the first true life war story to appear in Victor No 1 although not on the cover which was given over to advertising the first issue free gift).
The Gallops of the Big Galoot 462-474

(New) Wizard

Scrappy a Boy All Alone 1-30, 90-109
The Grudge Fights of Clutcher Kane 112-120
Flipper Feet 134-141
Table Tennis Tough 1/11/75-10/1/76

Next I'll list a number of the strips in the Thomson girls' papers with which he was associated.

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