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Fred Robinson (1912-1993)

Posted: 21 Mar 2017, 11:13
by wigwam

Who can help me find information on the artist Fred Robinson (1912-1993)?
I know there is an obituary by Denis Gifford in The Independent, 30 May 1993 ( ... 16178.html).
And there is an entry on the UK Comics Wiki ( ... 1912-1993)), which refers to the obituary by Gifford and to page 146 in Alan Clark's Dictionary of British Comic Artists, Writers and Editors, 1998. I do not know what is in Denis Gifford's Encyclopedia of Comic Characters, 1987, p. 234

I wonder if Gifford ever published an appreciation or a proper biography in his Comic Cuts/ACE-Newsletter or in The Comic Journal. After all, he knew Robinson...
Information by other comics historians or collectors is welcome too.


John Wigmans

Re: Fred Robinson (1912-1993)

Posted: 27 Mar 2017, 11:25
by wigwam
According to the obituary Gifford wrote in 1993, Robinson received an award: "[...] in 1982 the Association of Comics Enthusiasts presented him with their Ally Sloper Award for a lifetime's achievement."
Now this makes me wonder if there is an article to celebrate this event in an issue of the old Comic Cuts/ACE-Newsletter from 1982/83.
Any suggestions?


Btw: did Basil Reynolds ever receive this award?

Re: Fred Robinson (1912-1993)

Posted: 31 Mar 2017, 23:09
by Richard S.
have looked in the 1982+3 issue of ACE - no sign of an article (and only a fleeting mention of the award)