New cartoon online Web Comic

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Bertie Bazart
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New cartoon online Web Comic

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Hi, my name is Bertie Bazart and I have started a new online Web comic about Hadrian's Wall at The site contains both static and animated gifs. Initially I used Xara Web Designer to create a 'Responsive' site which could be viewed comfortably on different devices and their different screen formats. Unfortunately, this software appeared to corrupt my files and even after numerous attempts and consultation with the designers I couldn't get the software to work properly.

I have now reverted to using my old Web design software for this site. Because this program is over 15 years old and I work using a very large screen it is difficult to asses how the site looks to others and I would very much welcome comments regarding this.

If any other designers or cartoonists are interested in contacting me, please don't hesitate.

Many thanks.

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