Gordon Livingstone Art for Women and Girls.

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Gordon Livingstone Art for Women and Girls.

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Peter Richardson is currently working on an article about the artist Gordon Livingstone who is, of course, best known for his many issues of DC Thomson's Commando. Unfortunately Peter is struggling to find examples of Gordon's early work for Thomson titles aimed at the girls' market. Does anybody know which strips he worked on for those, or perhaps have examples of his illustrations for their women's story papers such as Secrets?

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Re: Gordon Livingstone Art for Women and Girls.

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I have a couple of bits if I can find them. But what Peter needs to find are the Golden Heart Love Treasuries (if that is the right name for them) which are very hard to come by. I am sure that Ray can correct me if I have the names horribly mangled.
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Re: Gordon Livingstone Art for Women and Girls.

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Hi Col,
The first two of Thomson/Lengs digest sized women's mags were Golden Heart Love Stories and Love and Life Library first published I think, if memory serves, in 1957 and they were followed a year later by their companion titles Silver Moon Romances and Blue Rosette Romances. These four eventually amalgamated into Star Love Stories in the mid 1960's which in turn was retitled Star Love Stories in Pictures in 1976 and then ran on until 1990. Golden Heart, Star Love and Star Love in Pictures each continued the numbering of the previous title i.e Golden Heart 1-229, Star Love 230-617 and Star Love in Pictures 618-1217.

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