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Tales That Astonished

Posted: 09 Dec 2014, 19:08
by starscape
I've just released my new review ezine, Tales That Astonished. If you're a regular Starscape reader, there's a number of reviews you might have seen before but as time goes on, the older will decrease as newer reviews become more plentiful.

Anyway, Tales That Astonished #1 - free to view and download ... shed1final
The classic comic reviews magazine features a re-look at:
- Fantasy Masterpiece: the Avengers/Defenders War,
- My Greatest Adventure: the death of Ghost Rider,
- This Day In Comics: a look back at comics from July 1940,
- The Old & The New: comparing the original Silver Surfer #7 with the 2014 version,
- Flicks That Time Forgot: a squint at Spider-Man cartoons vol.1,
- Versus: Thor and Hulk
- Valiant of Old: a celebration of Dan Dare from 2000AD's vaults and
- Showcased: Jack Kirby's New Gods.