Tiger dating and numbering

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Tiger dating and numbering

Post by Tiger258 »

Dates available from 11september 1954 to 30th March 1985= 1595 ( these dates are all saturdays regardless what the comics had printed on them I.e every Monday or every Tuesday)
My question or point is-from 1595 you have to take off the non prints/strikes-I have always had it as 21 weeks leaving 1574!
Which is the actual physical number of paper copies there could have been !
On the numbering of the comics - if you continued from the last numbered 244 may 9 1959 to 30 March 1985 you will get a number of 1579- this is because the 1956 strike of March/April that year included the numbers79,80,81,82 and 83.ie they did not drop the numbers from the sequence but printed the comic 3rd March to 14 April /78-84 inclusive.
Now my real question is am I right???-I hope so!!!
If my number of 1574 is right- I have 1564-10 short
So I am asking all the experts here for their input
To confirm my findings I will tell you the tiger comics I am short of and hope you can tell me if they exist
8x comics from 1964-feb 8,22,29. mar 7. apr 4,11,18. and may 9
1x comic dated 28 dec1963
And the one that needs a helping hand with is 20 th June 1959 !!
The 1959 strike is I believe is 8 weeks-As I have 13th June and 22 and 29 August-the stories in the 29 aug follow on from the 22 aug, though the 22 is un-dated and the 13 th June stories do not follow into the 22 aug ?
So all owners of a complete collection of 1959 please help.
Anyone with a full years publishers copies will hold the answer to this question
And finally if anyone has any of my 8 -I would like to purchase if up for sale !!!
Thank you all for your patience in reading this epic.

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Re: Tiger dating and numbering

Post by Kashgar »

Hi Tiger 258,
There was another issue published between June and Aug 1959 which was labelled issue A. This is the issue you have missing and explains the gap you have in story continuity. All AP titles in 1959 had this issue A and the undated issue which were published during the strike period.

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