Another appeal for help in finding a serial

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Re: Another appeal for help in finding a serial

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Well, it looks like we've reached the end of the road on this one, at least for now.

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Re: Another appeal for help in finding a serial

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Phoenix wrote:No, there weren't any shaven heads as far as I could tell, but of course while I couldn't see under the berets, there was no lack of hair behind or to the sides of the berets, so I thought it reasonable to assume full heads of hair beneath them.
I've just checked the Trudi story again. There are no berets. Princess Trudi wears a red headband over her jet black hair in every panel she is in, and that is most of them, throughout the story. In the final instalment, just one of the newspaper reporters meeting her flight at a New York airport is wearing a trilby, and apart from him, the king, some of his guards, and some male gipsies with large square hankies on their head, are about the only characters in the serial wearing headgear.

Look, I'm very, very tired, and I'm making mistakes, and to be honest, I don't really care about these minor details, so I'm sorry but I am going to give backword on the previous backword and take as much time out from ComicsUK and Girls' Comics Of Yesterday as I need. I just have to, it's as simple as that. My time out has now started.

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