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Re: Worst problem parents in girls serials

Posted: 29 Jul 2019, 12:39
by Tammyfan
The worst case of overprotective parents in girls’ comics has to be the Beeton parents from Tammy's "Namby Pamby" - especially the mother. She would give the ridiculously over-protective mummy in Buster's "Mummy's Boy" a run for her money. Poor Pamela has been so overprotected from birth and mummy’s apron strings so ridiculously constrictive that her development is little more than a three year old's and she can't stand on her own two feet. She bawls like a baby if she gets scratched, gets pranked etc. She can't do things girls of her age should be doing like riding a bike or going to the fair because mummy is always telling her they're too dangerous. When mummy thinks Pam is catching a cold she reacts as if Pam is getting bubonic plague or something. Even when Pam finally comes out of her shell and puts her foot down with her overprotective mother, mummy does not change all that much.

Re: Worst problem parents in girls serials

Posted: 01 Sep 2019, 01:08
by Tammyfan
The Weekes parents from Tammy’s “Sister in the Shadows” are pretty bad too: they compare Wendy to her brilliant sister Stella all the time and always put Stella first, so it’s no use Wendy even succeeding at anything. ... dows-1980/

Re: Worst problem parents in girls serials

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 14:32
by comixminx
Tammyfan wrote:
28 Jul 2019, 07:24
Thank you for the suggestions so far. Now I will share the ones I have been thinking of (long):


Now for my number 2 "worst":

The Harvey parents from "Waves of Fear" (Jinty). ... fear-1979/
This must rank as the worst emotional reaction from parents in girls' comics in history. These hitherto loving parents turn into the worst pair of ogres I have ever seen in girls' comics.

Now, you're probably wondering: What is my number 1 "worst"? Okay, drumroll please...

The Petty parents from "Bad Luck Barbara" (Mandy) ... itch-1991/
Not only do these parents constantly let their daughter Barbara down when she tries to tell them the villagers of Wavertree are harassing her because they think she's a witch but they never find out their mistake and learn from it either. The problem just doesn't sink in, even when it is staring at them in the face. When Barbara tries to tell them, they just laugh at it, belittle it, tell her she's being too sensitive, the villagers are just teasing her, etc, etc. Above all, they tell her they can't leave because of Dad's job, so stop it, the job means a lot to him. It sounds like they are putting Dad's job before their daughter's welfare - or even her life!
Good list! None to add that immediately spring to mind, though of course in general parents in these comics normally *are* problems rather than postive supporters (or if one is positive, then the other parent is negative, as as the case with Ping Pong Paula).