'Monster Annual for Girls' - Possible Plagiarism

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'Monster Annual for Girls' - Possible Plagiarism

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew about 'The Monster Annual for Girls'" book by the Children's Press c1930. At 6cm thick,this really is a 'monster' book.
This was a carboot find a few years ago but ever since, I have been seeking another copy with a dust jacket.

I cannot find any others with the title 'Monster Annual for Girls' but have fond some with 'Monster Book for Girls'. Recently I found this 'Collins' Schoolgirls' Annual 'listed online with the same girl figure appearing on the cover, but different publishers. Would this be classed as plagiarism? From my own collection of 1920s and 1930s annuals, I haven't come across any others which have 'borrowed' images from one another, especially different publishers.

Does anyone know about this?

Monster Annual for Girls, The Children's Press

Collins' Schoolgirls Annual with same drawing to cover

I believe there was also a 'Monster Annual for Boys' published, in similar red and yellow cover.

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Re: 'Monster Annual for Girls' - Possible Plagiarism

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Hi Adam, in my own research down different strands of comics, I have found some images being used by different companies. This is due to the artist or their agent only selling a single shot license to the company that produced the annual/comic. This allowed the agent or artist to resell the image to another company so that it could be used again and thus increase the income for the artist.

I have covered the re-use of imagery in a couple of the articles in my blog. I have covered some in The One And Only, and A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You.

I hope this helps.
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