The Phoenix in America

From the ashes of the DFC rises... the Phoenix.

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The Phoenix in America

Post by davidandrewsimpson »

I see that The Phoenix is going to have American digital and print distribution.

See ... comic.html for the full story.

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Re: The Phoenix in America

Post by philcom55 »

Wow! I knew Derek was moving but I didn't think he was going that far! :shock:

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Re: The Phoenix in America

Post by comixminx »

Good going for the Phoenix! By which I mean in this case David Fickling and co in Oxford rather than our own Phoenix :-) Excellent and weird stories from the past - with amazing art to boot.

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Re: The Phoenix in America

Post by Digifiend »

Gotta say, this is an embarrassment for DC Thomson, since Beano isn't available in the same way (Scholastic and Comixology), and really should be. They're behind the times.

I bet they'll get some accidental traffic from people looking for the Jean Grey stuff - they timed this pretty well!

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