Science fiction comedy strip in Hotspur

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Science fiction comedy strip in Hotspur

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Back in the mid-to-late sixties, I remember enjoying a science fiction comedy strip that ran in Hotspur.

My memory says it was drawn by Tom Kerr, though it might have been drawn in a style similar to his more humorous look, as in on Phil The Fluter in Lion, or the Monkees strip he drew in Lady Penelope.

I think the main character was thin and weedy, and wore large glasses. There were several side characters too.

It was a serial, rather than complete stories each week.

The only scene I can remember is where a rocket was launched upside down so, instead of going up into space, it burrowed down into the ground.

If any of you knowledgeable, helpful people out there can tell me what the strip was called, and when it ran in Hotspur, I would be very grateful.

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