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Re: Viz Tat

Post by suebutcher »

Don't forget Lord Lucan's Ford Corsair, packed with action and finished in authentic deep blue, featuring opening boot and case with murder weapon, with a bonus self-adhesive lapel badge "I have seen Lord Lucan!".

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Re: Viz Tat

Post by DavidKW »

That's just got me going, Sue:

Viz could run a Murderer series for die cast cars:

As well as Lord Lucan you could have:

Peter Sutcliffe's Rover P6 - with red light and model of a prostitiute
Donald "The Black Panther" Neilson's 1100 - with model of a phone biox to demand ransom.
Fred and Rose West's Ford Anglia - a car also driven by Myra Hindley.

Whatever Ronnie Kray drove (a Jaguar?) with recreation of the Blind Beggar pub in 1960s where George Cornell had his final drink.

Whatever John Hiagh drove - with a model of an oil drum full of acid.

Then there's the was it muder by gangster connections or suicide? - ie ex-boxer turned TV star Freddie Mills' Citroen DS with shotgun in back seat.

Oh this is getting a bit sick and too far now...

But then again one of the many reasons I stopped buying Viz was because it was using shock and being sick just to get laughs (not mine though).

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Re: Viz Tat

Post by meherenow »

Hope someone can help me out here.

I remember having a right old chuckle at something along the lines of this, must have been around 2000-2004 or thereabouts, I've looked through all my VIZ issues I can find but I seem to have stashed those years somewhere in a box I can't find during a couple of house moves in those years.

I've even bought all the bloody annuals cheapo from Amazon (all totally like new, despite most being listed as Good or Very Good!) and it's not there.

I've also browsed and of course the Google.

If my memory serves it MAY have been just a half pager after the "letters" pages.

Jeezo, someone please help me find my WANKING GAUNTLET...


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