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hi everyone.
Much to my wife's joy I collect vintage british comics. My collection reaches back to the 1880s to 1970s, I tried to restrict myself to a certain title but that aint happening. I love the art, the layout, the smell!
lucky for me I have been allowed a spare room which is currently more like a Hobbits cave and one day, I will sort them out & figure out how many doubles I have and sell them on.
I was collecting american comics,but to honest that was just to make money in the spare time. So I started collecting British comics again and gave up on american ones.
My childhood comics with my two brothers was The Beano, The Dandy and Whizzer & Chips. I went onto Scream comic in the mid 80s and 2000AD. From there I went onto american comics.
Just like most people, I stopped collecting during college & uni but once I got a decent job got back into collecting.
After giving up on american comics I found I was happier collecting british comics & thought that british comics started with The Beano & Dandy. then one day I found a copy of illustrated chips. and the world exploded from there. Amalgamted Press comics became my world. I lean more towards humour comics than storypapers or sci-fi etc. but will pick it up if its a special issue or a cool cover.
I have a number of rare comics I was lucky enough to find over the years and hope to find more.
Rarest comics in the collection at the moment... Comics Cuts issues 1-12, Dandy issues 2 & 6, alot of pre issue 100 dandys, a decent handful of Magic comics including issue 80. The list goes on, as do I.
I started up a facebook page to share my new purchases, 'Vintage British Comics & Annuals' & I am currently working on a web site as a collector guide to british comic free gifts. 'Britishcomicsfreegifts.com'
its only a week old, so not too much on it but adding to it everyday.
keeps me out of trouble. ps best viewed on pc, laptop et. as the moble version is kakk.
anyways, looking forward to reading posts & joining in.

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